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Driven by innovation and a world-class team of engineers, Foresight Sports developing all new technologies to shape the future of golf.

GC Hawk
GC Hawk

Turn your golf range into a performance and entertainment powerhouse.

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With Foresight Sports’ Downrange Tracking System (DTS), your GC2 or GCQuad-powered driving range is transformed into a state-of-the-art facility.

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Multi Scopic

Multi-scopic vision

Much like human eyes, our advanced, high resolution cameras are engineered to work together - emulating depth perception and three-dimensional acuity with unprecedented accuracy.

Object Tracking

State-of-the-art object tracking

Foresight Sports’ advanced, high-speed tracking system visually recognizes the event of club impact to know precisely when to record shot data. The result is a consistent and highly reliable data capturing mechanism that delivers unmatched accuracy.

Integrated Features

Integrated features

Leveraging the latest technology, Foresight Sports continues to bring product-enhancing features to our line of solutions—like an onboard accelerometer that removes the need for leveling, and an integrated barometer that recognizes the player’s altitude.

Data Analysis

Unmatched data analysis

Using our own industry-leading proprietary algorithms combined with our advanced stereoscopic camera solutions, Foresight Sports’ image-based object analysis delivers ball flight and club head analysis with unmatched accuracy—both indoors and outdoors.

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A perfect fit.

Here are just a few of the kinds of companies we serve.

On the Ball Club

The Foresight Advantage

Why do top equipment makers, retailers and entertainment ranges choose us?

We’ll give you several reasons

Deep knowledge.

No other team of sports performance analysis developers knows the game, the industry, and the technology of golf like us.

Innovative engineering.

From stereoscopic and quadroscopic object tracking to real-time 3D image analysis, our team of engineers continues to set the bar when it comes to developing professional-grade performance analysis technologies.

Rapid development.

With engineering, development, and manufacturing all under one roof, ideas move quickly from proof-of-concept to market ready in a fraction of the time it takes others.

Turn-key solutions..

Whether it’s hardware, software, or all points in between, our team can handle every aspect of your custom solution development.

Let’s get the ball rolling

Let’s get the ball rolling

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