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When you use one of the high-tech launch monitors offered by Foresight Sports, you will receive the most accurate data. With each and every swing you make, these launch monitors will measure a large set of ball and club performance data that can be used to offer key insights into your golf swing. When used correctly, this data has the potential to take your golf training to the next level.

If you ask the average professional golfer to identify the most important skill in golf, many of them will tell you distance control. When you hit the ball the correct distance, it’s unlikely that you’ll be far from your desired target. Even if your accuracy was not spot on, a shot that was hit the correct yardage is usually playable, at the very least. Along with regular practice, using a launch monitor to track your distances is a big help.

We can’t tell you how far you are going to hit each of your golf irons, as distances vary from player to player. With that said, we can offer some basic tips to improve your performance when using irons and shoot lower scores.

In golf, the driver gets a lot of attention—and for good reason. Who doesn’t love crushing a long drive right down the middle of the fairway? There is nothing wrong with working on your driver, but that work should not come at the expense of your irons. Whether just hitting balls on the range or using a launch monitor to fine-tune your performance, improving your iron play is essential in the quest for lower scores.

When playing golf, it is a great feeling to know that you can count on each of your 14 clubs. If you have trust in every club in your bag, you will be ready for just about any situation that may arise. Whether you are using your golf simulator at home or you are out on the course, consistency throughout your bag is key.

What skills do you need to play golf successfully? You need to make solid swings, of course, and you need to be able to make putts. Also, you need to have the ability to focus on the task at hand even when feeling nervous or anxious. To put even more on your plate, you can add club selection to this list. Whether playing virtual golf or the real thing, choosing the right golf club for the shot you face is a valuable—and required—skill.