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how to swing golf club infographic cover

Without a doubt, the most frequent question asked by beginner golfers is also the most practical one: How do I swing a golf club the right way? If you asked how you could get your hands on a million dollars, the answers would be the same: It takes time and hard work. Sure, there’s a possibility you could win the lottery, but, for most of us, getting there requires dedication.

Golf is a wonderful sport for kids of any age to get into. Not only is it a great way to develop strength and fitness outdoors, but golf lessons also promote discipline, concentration, and commitment to practice—skills which will serve them well all throughout life.

golfer setting up for put shot

Here’s some breaking news—putting is important! Okay, so you already knew that, but most golfers still struggle on the greens, despite understanding the importance of this part of the game. Putting practice might not always be exciting, but it is necessary. By working on this piece of the puzzle, and using technology like an outdoor golf simulator, lower scores may be in your future.


golf stance

Golf ball position is one aspect that affects the direction the ball travels. Moving the position of the ball forward or backward, even just a little bit, will result in a noticeable change in the flight and direction of the ball. Ball position also influences the swing arc, depending on when the club comes into contact with the ball.


When was the last time you worked on your short game? Most likely, it’s been a while. It seems like many amateurs ignore just how important this part of the game is in terms of saving strokes each round. While you might think first about using a home golf simulator for perfecting your full swing, you can use this kind of technology to improve your short game performance, as well.