Putting Tips


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11 Putting Tips & Tricks That Could Transform Your Scorecard

golfer setting up for put shot

Here’s some breaking news—putting is important! Okay, so you already knew that, but most golfers still struggle on the greens, despite understanding the importance of this part of the game. Putting practice might not always be exciting, but it is necessary. By working on this piece of the puzzle, and using technology like an outdoor golf simulator, lower scores may be in your future.


The Importance of Golf Ball Position: From Driving to Putting

golf stance

Golf ball position is one aspect that affects the direction the ball travels. Moving the position of the ball forward or backward, even just a little bit, will result in a noticeable change in the flight and direction of the ball. Ball position also influences the swing arc, depending on when the club comes into contact with the ball.


Get the Putt Out of Here: 10 Ways to Master Putting

Golfer on putting green

Every golfer understands the importance of putting. If you make a lot of putts, you can cover up the other mistakes you may have made during the round. With that said, putting is extremely difficult, and it gives countless amateur players fits. Taking golf lessons is a great way to lower your scores, as is using a golf analyzer, but we’d like to give you a head start here by offering up 10 simple putting tips.